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Reporting Reality

At a glance, get the most accurate appraisal of any vehicle with our 5 category GPA (grade point average) report card system.


For Sellers

Sellers burdened with a constant repetitive question and answer game from scammers and tire kickers about their vehicle for sale, can now enjoy the benefits of speaking to only legitimate, qualified buyers.


For Buyers

Buyers on the other hand also burdened with sellers and scammers inaccurate un-owned vehicles or descriptions can now conveniently enjoy a safe, accurate, detailed appraisal of any vehicle at a glance.

How is this done?

With over 25 years of experience in the automotive appraisal industry, Resell Report has developed a vehicle appraisal report card app that weeds out the scammers and tire kickers by guiding the sellers and buyers through a series of proven questions that qualify them for an account. This process has evolved into the most advanced, streamlined, and stringent appraisal process in the world providing critical automotive appraisal info to both buyers and sellers alike.